Reasons Why You Need A Dental Implant


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Do you have one or more missing teeth that got you considering a tooth implant? Well, getting an artificial tooth is certainly a big decision to make. However, if you wish to, you can easily get a dental implant in Tampa or another location. Do you still think otherwise? Here are the reasons why you need a dental implant?

One or More Missing Teeth

The prime reason why you may need is a dental implant is if your teeth break, crack, or fall off. Space between your teeth can cause multiple long-term problems. Needless to say, a tooth implant can help you smile confidently.

Infected Tooth

If you have an infected tooth beyond repair, you may need to get it extracted and implant a new one. If even one tooth falls prey to severe decay, it can slowly spread to the neighboring teeth. Additionally, it will also damage the tooth root to a great extent, causing pain.

Loose Bridge or Dentures

You may have chosen to get bridges, crowns, or dentures instead of a tooth implant, which have now loosened. In such a case, you will know that getting a tooth implant is the best idea.

Decrease in Bone Density

If you do not get a tooth implant for too long (12 months), your tooth bone can atrophy. It is a condition wherein the bone density and height will considerably decrease. Resultantly, you may also need a bone graft along with the implant.

Dispositioned Teeth

Believe it or not, if you leave a gap between your teeth, it can lead to teeth repositioning. The ones around the empty space may start to grow inwards, towards and each other, and overall, crookedly.

Summing Up

A tooth implant is not as scary as it seems to be. It is easy and, in most cases, the best option for your mouth. It will also save you from added costs that you will have to bear if you postpone the implant.