How Bail Bond Agents Are Not Law Enforcement Agents

Law enforcement officers are sworn to serve and protect. In a sense bail bond agents are doing something similar. Huntington Beach Bail Bonds, after all, are issued to those of the public who have no other recourse in terms of exercising their legal rights to defend themselves in court of law, whether internally guilty or innocent of an offence or felony for which they may be accused or charged. Agents working for local companies like Acme Bail Bonds Huntington Beach issue documents which give those charged with offences or felonies a period of grace during which they may or may not be able to clear their good name.

But while they may well be assisting their clients in staying out of prison, they are not at all policing them, although it has to be said that they are certainly in a position to offer their clients legal advice but certainly not up to the point that appointed or sought after attorneys at law would be. Also note that bail bond agents are not and do not act or behave as probation officers although it could be said that, up to a point, they may well be in a good position to assist and advise their clients in this regard.

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A good example might be what you could refer to as long-term clients. These are those unfortunate clients who might well be embroiled in long-term court cases, whether they are civil or criminal, and need the financial, as well as (limited) legal assistance of bail bond agents. Bail bond agents can provide first-time clients with good advice on how to show up on time for first-time court appearances and make good impressions before the court for however long that is necessary.